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To ensure each public school in the State of Montana has a comprehensive School Safety Assessment Program. The program provides the proper tools to equip each location with all the education needed to understand safety policies, physical needs, training, and long-term solutions. The program places the safety of the student and educator as the first priority.

Process For School Assessment.

Step 1

Policy Review

Our team will spend time reviewing the current “written” policies and procedures for the school. The team will evaluate if it sufficiently covers school safety and protocols. All recommended changes will be submitted in writing in a format that can be easily understood by Trustees and Superintendents. This format would be sufficient for Board approvals if necessary.

Step 2

Physical Review

Our team will spend one to two days on school property. The assessment will begin outside with a counterclockwise review working on the outside first and then into buildings. This will allow the team to determine what is being done “right” and “wrong”.

Step 3

On-Site Ground Work

Staff and Student Interviews will take place while the team is on-site. This allows for a clear understanding of what the staff knows about safety protocols and to garner any new ideas that may be implemented.

Step 4


Documented Findings Reports will be presented as a collection of findings from the physical and virtual assessment. This report will be comprehensive with detailed findings and photos when appropriate. This report will help leadership and board members to understand a plan of action and safety standards recommended.

Step 5


Staff Training becomes the final step in the process. It has been our observation that even the best Safety Plans without training will fail. Our team wants to leave the school with the knowledge that staff can maintain a safe environment for everyone.



Each year the team will return to the school and review policies and procedures for compliance. A brief overview and re-cap will be provided to record progress.

The entire process for a proper School Safety Assessment Program takes approximately 30 days for completion. While we may be working on multiple properties at the same time, it is critical to properly provide a sufficient review of all materials and property. It is our recommendation to have a yearly review once a comprehensive report has been completed.

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